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goings on and things

Downloaded a bunch of songs from The Killers and I must tell you, and I'm a harsh critic of new music, but this is the best stuff to come out since Oasis. OK, bad example, they aren't like Oasis, really, but the this is the only new band I've liked since Oasis. Making a cd for the car.

Hmm, ok the goings on....this weekend STUFF HAPPENED....

Chimney (I shall call him) got into trouble for asking for sex from Sister, me, and Dark's sister, and Dark's sister's friend. Trouble with the latter two is that they're 16. naohh, stupid man.

Went to Chimney's Tree and saw (jon's) head explode, or was it mine? And after Chimney tried to sweep me, I realised that he probably exploited Sister's Ghost to sweep her as well. ::grunts::

I went to the Tree and all I got was this hangover without the drink.

But I did have this overwhelming sense of guilt like I had done something wrong, so I knew somehow, religion was involved.

There is an old cliche under your Monet, baby

Then someone knocked on the door and I woke up. Sounds like a song I should write and never put to music.

Other than all that, I'm feeling alright. Getting ready for Science class soon, I'm going to tart myself up for Mr Wizard (for he is the hottest of all the wizards).

Love to all,

EDIT: He wore a blue shirt UNTUCKED. Damn you Mr Wizard, You're just teasing me.
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