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Atlanta, Wendy's and my really weird dream about Ricky Gervais

My mom, sister, and I went to Atlanta yesterday to see the Craft Fair thing at the GA Dome. I'm not really interested in crafts, I just went for mom and to get out of the house. Getting there, most streets we needed were blocked for the St. Patrick's Day Parade, so I fumed all through getting there.

Then, on the way home we stop at a Wendy's in Newnam (on Bullsboro Rd, if you're ever there), and EVERYTHING WAS WRONG.......TWICE. SO, I went in there, turned into my father and got our money back. YAY! As a plus, we kept the correct food they eventually gave us.

FINALLY, got home and crashed into bed. I had this dream where I was at Ricky came over to my house and was saying how this girl he like didn't want to see him anymore, we went to this other house, which turned out to be his and then to a train station to get him to Work. Then it got weird. We had to all lay down in this holding car on our stomachs and put out hands straight out in front of us on the floor. These weird looking black people in green suits came and were molesting everyone and then one of them made me stand up and he grabbed my wrists and threw me around a bit. Then we got to leave, Ricky stood up and I was so afraid I couldn't move, so I grabbed his ankels and he dragged me though this station. Later, I looked and had this bruise that went from circles on my wrists, to long lines up my arms and across my chest, down the other arm.


So, now since my ear is not partially clogged, but the whole nine yards, I'm going to get my father's prescription for an anti biotic that he never filled, and blast this ear infection before I tear the side of my head off.

Love to all,
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