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the killers

Does no one realise the Moulin Rougeish theme in the Mr. Brightside video?

Or is it just me?
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Haven't seen it. Guess I should, eh? I enjoyed Moulin Rouge.
it's a video by the Killers, comes on often on VH1 and the dreaded MTV
"Nick For Teenies" is now upgraded to "dreaded"? ;~)
i loved MTV when there was actually music on the station.
Agreed. I especially loved the complete live concerts they aired.
now you know that I realized it!!!

and if you don't believe me, ask your sister, I think I told her that about 3 times before I remembered that I had already said it before. :)
I have that video, I love it.
I love Brandon Flowers too, he is rather yummy.
I drool over that little guy.
i bloody LOve your icon.