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As good as written

better than Dickens

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80's music, acting, aerosmith, alanis morissette, anglophile, angus macfadyen, ani difranco, animals, annie liebowitz, apollo 13, art, bbc, beatles, bee gees, ben elton, billy joel, black adder, blackadder, bob dylan, bob hope, british comedy, broadcasting, bruce springsteen, bruce willis, calvin and hobbes, celtic, classic rock, composing, computers, coupling, current events, dancing, dave chappelle, don henley, douglas adams, dreaming, dreams, driving, eddie izzard, elton john, emotions, england, ewan mcgregor, fawlty towers, feng shui, flaming pie, fleetwood mac, freedom, geology, george harrison, george michael, guitar, hugh laurie, india, indigo girls, inner peace, interior design, ipods, irish, james taylor, jennifer nettles band, john cleese, john lennon, john mayer, johnny english, journey of souls, jurassic park, karl pilkington, kate eddings, kd lang, kevin spacey, lenny henry, lisa marie presley, logic, london, louise rennison, love, madonna, meaningful conversation, meditation, men, michael keaton, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, mr. bean, music, natalie merchant, nicolas cage, nicole kidman, nocturnal, nyc, paleontology, paul mccartney, peace, peter sellers, phil collins, photography, poetry, politics, pro choice, pro-choice, psychology, radio, rain, reincarnation, rem, richard curtis, ricky gervais, rock, romance, rowan atkinson, science, sex, sgt. pepper, shepard smith, singing, sleeping, smoothies, songwriting, spirituality, stephen merchant, sting, storms, the beatles, the office, the thin blue line, theatre, thespian society, three's company, thunderstorms, tom hanks, tori amos, trainspotting, travelling, withnail and i, women, writing, yoga